Everything is connected in nature. When it comes to working and living, we need to build differently, to (re) connect everything……”

About me

Hendrik van der Ham was born in Utrecht and grew up on inland vessels. In addition to boarding life, he worked on the ship from a very young age.

There was a mentality of “tackling, because the work has to be done”. Hendrik therefore helped build and sail ships in the family business from an early age.

Via a position as a diver in the army and some wandering, he started his first own company: an advertising and marketing consultancy and subsequently wrote his first books on psychology.

In 1999 he starts BRIDGES2000, which builds and rents bridges in the Netherlands, with contractors, governments and event organizations being the customers. This company grows into a project development company.

However, Hendrik wants to realize his dream about building, living, working and becoming different and started SEVENTH in early 2007. The name SEVENTH stands for breaking free from self-condemnation.

And of course there is more to tell…