I still tell during my lectures, workshops and sessions, but also in this way, that if we want to (continue to) watch during our earthly life, we will only stimulate our dependent behavior and certainly not enter an active mode to improve our lives. change. Of course, we already know that we should focus on what we desire. Yet we need not lose sight of our being, once we have discovered that we are much greater than we appear to be. Then we also know that we have much more responsibility. Then no one else changes our world into a more beautiful and fairer world better than we do…

In the previous article I asked the question, “What happens when we know we only have five years to live?” And I think I can now say that we will spend the time during our earthly life much better. We’re going to do what we really want to do. Then it becomes a really happy life where we don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow, or a very meaningful life where we solve everything we still want or need to solve. And I think it is also possible to realize a combination of happy and meaningful life.
Often we see no possibilities to achieve that combination, if we have already started living happily or meaningfully. Everything is going faster and faster. Sometimes we don’t even know what information we should and shouldn’t take. And then what should we do with it? The dilemmas are greater than ever. We are looking more for the question of who we are. We want an answer. We want to be helped. We want to live meaningfully and be happy. Often we feel cornered, and we ask ourselves: ‘What should I do?’, ‘What am I doing right?’ and ‘Won’t I fail?’ These are questions we all deal with a lot or a little. And how do we keep both feet on the ground?

For many, everyday life is hard enough as it is. Then we don’t even want to think. But we also have these questions when we are not consciously involved with them. We look for change and answers. I wrote the book ‘Follow your Heart’ to help us to attune to our essence in all cases. In addition, it provides the solution to get an answer. It is about taking an appropriate perspective, which gives us answers to all our questions, making our lives easier.
Maybe football also makes our lives easier. Although I never really talk about football and it is not ‘my sport’, the following comparison clarifies what I mean. Our actions are so often dependent on others. When we play football, we act in response to others, when we are on the field and when we are in the stands. How many times are we on the football field?
A football game has three main positions: on the field as a player, on the field as a referee and in the stands as a spectator. Many spectators sit at home and watch the television broadcast, I count them among the latter group. While spectating is important, there is nothing to see if no one appears on the field or plays. For that reason, playing is above all else.
In the introduction to this article I said that if we want to keep watching, we are only encouraging our dependent behavior. When we relate this to the game of football, it is of utmost importance to find the player within us. When it comes to ourselves and our everyday lives, it’s about taking action, about daring to play.
I just stated that ‘on the field as a referee’ is also of the important positions. When we are going to play, we need rules or a framework. Otherwise we just do something. When it comes to the game of football, we can only score if we have rules. These rules can be compared to ‘laws of nature’ in our so-called everyday life. As a result, we experience challenges.

If I start to compare the referee with our everyday life, I end up with our inner critic or our thinking. That critic often ensures that we no longer dare to enter the field and are challenged to perform. If we feel internally paralyzed by the referee, then we often think too much disapprovingly. Then we experience that we are more dependent on the actions of another. If that happens, we must regain courage to go on the field.
The football player literally experiences the latter several times and we experience it figuratively when we are challenged in this way during our lives. But when we find out that we are bigger than who we always thought we were, we can suddenly very easily and simultaneously take the position in the stands as a spectator, on the field as an umpire and on the field as a player.
Now, this equation wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include a chicken-egg construction. The chicken-egg construction has to do with what comes first. If we want to introduce a product to the market, we also have to deal with this. We will have to make our potential buyers aware of the presence of the product, because unknown makes unloved. The market should even recognize that there is a need for a similar product. Advertising bridges the gap between us as the supplier and the potential buyer (the market), using information and communication. And coming back to the chicken-egg construction, there is no egg without a chicken (the supplier of eggs) and no chicken without an egg (the potential buyer). And to experience that we are more, we will first have to open ourselves to this possibility, or present us as a potential buyer. Only then can we experience that we are greater.
But the chicken-egg construction goes even further, because if we just read this article and don’t really let it sink in, we won’t just start experiencing that we are bigger (if we don’t already experience this). We may need to read more or other articles. Maybe we suddenly experience it in a completely different way. But that we have to play to let the referee speak within us and to show the spectators something, that’s for sure.
In this day and age we know so-called tomtoms that show us the way. The referee and our deep inner feeling only give signals (to make our earthly life more complete or to reach our goal) when we are moving. In order to take up the three important positions simultaneously, we will have to take up the challenge again and again: the challenge to live fully and to first (just) play. As a result, we gradually become a better player and we experience our lives as happy and meaningful.

And what does all this have to do with the above title? We live in a time of great change. We can wait and watch or take up the challenge. In the latter case, we paint ourselves a new future, with every inhalation. We can start with colors. We can make our lives meaningful and colorful. We are the ones who have this responsibility. And if we can handle that, we can also opt for cooperation, for example to get up together and actively set out.
In my case, the future is called: ‘SEVENTH – The Other Way of Living’. That is a way of living together that is different, where ethics is paramount, where we have stopped judging each other because we no longer judge ourselves. This creates a different kind of Atlantis and it can start in the Netherlands. Because we have the vision here.
‘SEVENTH – The Other Way of Living’ is a living concept and it consists of another way of living, living together, getting healthy and being healthy. In addition, we are supporting the plan with an ever-growing group to end hunger in a non-commercial way.
To achieve all this, many need to work together, dare to enter the field, surprise their referees with the best game and challenge the spectators to come onto the field before the end, to play in a great way themselves.
Where the previous article ended openly, I would like to ask every reader to actively work on their own future. Call me. Email me. Write. Join the ever-growing group. Take action. Refine our ways. And above all: stop judging and be a good player, even if we don’t like football.

I believe in less stress and making more wishes come true. That is why I am currently building ten or more green oases worldwide, to provide a place for a changed society. For more information, visit

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