Who doesn’t like to watch a movie? We may enjoy watching movies with a hero, multiple heroes, or even superheroes. But where does that love come from?
Yes, and what about superheroes, like superman, supergirl and superwomen. No, it’s not explicitly about that. It’s a serious question: Where does our love of watching superhero movies come from? It’s not just a question. I’ve been asking myself for a long time why I love it. And during that research I found out that a number of things that we experience in films are synonymous with what we ourselves experience or do not experience in our own lives. Yes or no, because it can also stand for the opposite. By watching such a movie, we can experience heroism.
Do you feel stronger when you watch or have just watched such a movie? Did you identify with the protagonist?

I know that every human being struggles with boundaries. Films about theft, murder and even war do something to our borders. They are generally said to teach or remind us of standards. I rather think that by watching these films we relax and at the same time experience an alertness that gives us effort and relaxation at the same time. During our sleep we know that our muscles tense when we run or fight or experience mental tension in our dreams. If we continue to examine those watching the film with us, we see the same effort and relaxation.
Do we change by watching movies? Yes I think so. I think that movies can be used very well for educating people and that we are even trained by them. Possibly, but that needs to be explained very well, can we become healthy or stay healthy by watching movies.
In short, I want to say that we are experiencing a movie or a story. And that through the experience our lives have become a little richer. Assuming you choose the right movies. Namely the films that let you experience a little more wealth. Otherwise it won’t work of course. And the story that we experience makes a parallel with the life we ​​experience outside.

My attention turned to superheroes. Why am I watching those movies? And what do they have to do with my life outside the movie? I think I only have 1 answer to all those questions: I think there is a hero in me who wants to be born or discovered. At the same time, I think I would like, even very much, to experience “strong together”. And to stay with the heroes, these kinds of movies also make me super alert. So much so that in my sleep or before, I only see superheroes and shoot from one event in my life outside the film to the next.

I also think about how we can become even healthier by watching movies.
Maybe one day I’ll be a superhero. As long as I haven’t secretly only become an actor, because then you may look at me with the same wishes in the future…

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