What if we knew that the financial markets would collapse in five years? Most people would take all their money out of funds and possibly sell their house. Then the market would not collapse in five years, but much sooner. That way none of the predictions would come true. So they just come out when most people don’t know about them? That is also a good question. Still, I’m left with an important question: What happens when we know we only have five years to live?

I think we will live differently then. Maybe everything is moving faster and faster. Some fall into a temporary depression, see themselves stuck in an impossible position and dare not move. But that is usually temporary. Most of us will change our lives in a short time. We may be doing what we need to do because of this threat. Finiteness increases the quality of our lives
Yes, I know people who had a difficult relationship. What happened? They paid even more attention to each other and in one case fought a lot with words. In the other case, they soon recognized each other, met with respect. And the fact that this development is not yet visible in all cases is, in my opinion, only because we have not looked or waited long enough. Who hasn’t softened towards their parents over the years? Who has not stood up for their rights sooner or later? Who has not yet seen that the other did not want to deprive him, but that he was essentially depriving himself for a long time?…
I spent a very long time on that. It took a lot to appreciate my life and what I had experienced or missed. I learned to appreciate myself and everything. Recently I even learned that dignity is a choice. And finally I found out that all my experiences depend on our own way of acting and way of seeing.
Relationships that mean the most to us are often not the simplest relationships. But what makes it so meaningful to us. How do we actually value? Porcelain cups and saucers break easily and are therefore so expensive. I think our human life is so precious for the same reason. And if someone comes along who claims that the Netherlands will be permanently flooded during a major world catastrophe on December 20, 2012, while I have my doubts about that, to put it mildly, this will only make our human lives more precious.

Yes, we’ll have to do what we have to do. Even if nothing is required, we feel that we still desire something. Fulfilling our desires and wishes is of utmost importance. Most of the time we don’t miss anyone with that. Recognizing that our human life is really finite can ensure that we go for a life with more quality.
I think we don’t have to fight for a country, but for who we really are. And if we live closer to our intention, we will all do what we are good at or what we do with great love and dedication. It is of the utmost importance to refrain from making any judgments. And the one who calls to be condemned must first look at the judgment he brings upon himself. Value yourself and don’t let anyone judge you by having more self-confidence.

And to come back to the title of this article: “Will the Netherlands become the new Atlantis?”, I want to say that I do believe that a whole world has perished, a society that was ahead of our society in many ways. We often call that lost world “Atlantis” and many claim its location. Perhaps it is now for me to say that it was not in the Pacific Ocean or in the Mediterranean Sea. I think it was called the continent because it had those dimensions, that then disappeared under water not even Atlantis, but among other things “Land of Poseidon”.

Many solutions to mysteries in our world today are so readily available that we do not see the solutions. The case of Atlantis is one of them. When that part of the world was flooded, people already spoke a kind of English. That language has changed over the centuries, but has remained essentially the same. And because English is now the world’s language, we could call every continent that would go under water at this time Atlantis.
Why does this immediately make it clear where I think the continent was? Because in times after a flood people will often not mention the name or different names of the countries, but will say “drowned land”. In those old days, I think people addressed the lost part of the world with: at land is sea. That said enough
Later the sea changed into an ocean, because it became deeper and the continents that bordered the decayed continent became further apart. In my opinion, Atlantis is simply on the bottom of the Atlantis Ocean.

If subsequent generations have to look for a decayed part of the world after a world catastrophe, it will be easier if we do the same in this day and age, namely realize that the Atlantis Ocean has expanded and say: at land is sea.
Of course I prefer to keep it dry in the Netherlands, but I have the idea that times are changing faster and faster. What the world was not ready for yesterday, there is a place for it tomorrow. I believe in less stress and making more wishes come true. And that’s why I’m building a green oasis today, because we can all choose more balance, harmony and health. If you want to know more, just click on  theotherwayofliving.nl .

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